Frequently Asked Questions 


Which is the best board to hit the slopes? The best board if you are planning to go to the ski tracks is the Alpine. The Alpine is equipped with metal edging which allows you to cut the snow easier and make ore accurate turns. Alpine is also equipped with a full p-tex base which will give you faster speeds on compacted tracks. On the other hand Explorer and Antelope are a really good choice for more powder rides giving you a feeling of surfing. 

Which is the best board for freestyle? The Antelope and Explorer are great freestyle boards for both the road and snow. Both of this boards are equipped with a hybrid base (p-tex/wood) which allows you to scratch the typical damaged areas in skateboards and longboards without compromising the sliding properties. 

Do I have to wax my board before using it on the snow? We highly recommend waxing your board before sliding on the snow. This will give you an overall better experience. We recommend using cold wax (one day wax) , it is really easy to apply and will give you a really good experience for several days of sliding, for better performance we recommend using hot wax.    

What if I want to use candle wax?  At some point we asked the same question and decided to try it. It will give you an OK ride on city parks and small hills but, it wont last enough for a ride down the mountain. 

Does my board comes with a  factory wax coat? Yes it does. Depending on the use you have given to the board since you bough it you should be ready to use it with the factory wax. If you got your board during summer and have been riding we recommend cleaning the base of the board and applying a thin coat of wax before sliding.   

What are the stains in the base of my board? Stains on the polymer base are due to wax absorption ability of the base. We ship our boards with a fresh coat of hot wax and depending on the base, it absorbs more or less. This might lead to show stains on the base, specially on darker base colors. After sliding your board on the snow this stains will disappear

How to avoid base (p-tex) damage? The best way to prevent base damage on the Explorer and Alpine is to avoid scratching the center of the board. This means avoid doing rails or sliding your board on rough surfaces. On the Antelope this is not something to worry about because a 75% of the base is protected by the wheels.

What happens if I scratch the base on the kick tails of my board?  This does not compromise the sliding properties of the board. Make sure you apply wax to the scratched areas before going to the snow. 

 What should I do if I scratch my base?  Just like with your skis or snowboard, this really depends on how bad it is. Local ski and snowboarding shops will have the required tools and the knowledge to tune your p-tex base.